It is really funny how your butt hurts from the fact that Hillary won by almost 3 million votes and…

It is really funny how your butt hurts from the fact that Hillary won by almost 3 million votes and that someone dared to vote for a candidate with working brains and existing conscience.

Well it is easy to “win” something nobody was competing for, lol. The popular vote does not, has never, and will not ever mean anything in Presidential elections. Being as Hillary won California by around 5 million votes, willing the overall popular vote by 3 million is really a sad point to be honest. That makes her a local candidate, not a National one.

Why assume I am mad? Just because you operate out of hate does not mean anyone else does, lol.

It seems to me that you have a need for a teacher, so call him please, maybe he will explain to you that other people can express their (political) opinions freely.

Hey, you were the one trying to claim 3 million more popular votes means something, not me, clearly you need the education, not me, lol.

And if no one cared what Hollywood actors think, you wouldn’t post this stupid reply here that really has nothing to do with the contents of the original article.

I am speaking to the radical left people like you who believe Hollywood actors have some special ability to tell you what to believe and lead you. They are actors, they are not special. We enjoy their performances but just because we like it when they pretend to be people they are not, that does not mean that the general public things they are all knowing and all wise in matters of politics.

My comment has everything to do with the story, they reported on the fact they used their time to make a lot of open attacks on Trump, their night was political, not devoted to the awards, so all of my comments are in fact relevant.

But I agree, Hollywood needs to get out of their need to make everything about politics, they are ill suited to political commentary and should stick to entertainment, that is their field of expertise.

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