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Well other Nations are way behind on their contributions and they have been forcing America to cover more, also right after Trump first made the point during his campaign several Nations suddenly made payments, lol.

Now if his comments are not hitting a sore spot, why did they suddenly start paying?

In my opinion NATO should be disbanded, European Nations have been taking advantage of America to cover all of their military and security needs while they spend all their money on other things like free healthcare. Maybe if these European Nations started paying for their own defensive needs, America could take the trillions of dollars we will save to better care for our own people.

Trump got publicly reprimandedby U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May over his administration’s leaks of sensitive intelligence regarding Monday’s attack in Manchester.

The trump Administration did not leak anything, this was the FBI and the American intelligence officials who have been dumping tens of thousands of highly classified information for political reasons for many months now.

Trump specifically begged Comey to investigate the leaking of classified information and nobody cared.

This is all in the hands of career Washington as usual leadership who is behind all of the leaking.

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