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Well outside of the fact the numbers simply do not work, not even close, I have another thing to consider:

If Government puts insurance companies out of business, that will cost millions of American jobs.

Not just the insurance companies themselves but also all the many ways Insurance companies generate business and stimulate the economy to serve the insurance industry.

My brother-in-law has two girls in the office just to handle all the paperwork and insurance filing, he is a GP, so assuming this is close to normal, and all offices and medical providers hire extra people to process insurance claims, we could be looking at the single largest decline in the private sector in recorded history.

So that massive flood of newly unemployed people entering the civilian market we can assume most fo them will not instantly find new jobs so that also means a massive increase in unemployment payments, massive increase in welfare and food stamps, as well as a lot of people getting free medial care and no jobs to help pay for it.

So the “True cost” to the Government and the economy will be about 10 times greater than Bernie or anyone else is talking about.