No PROGRESSIVE was violent until we saw the CRIMINALLY STUPID path that your “ disaster-in-chief …
Marvin Howard

Well sure, you are never responsible for your own violent actions, it is always some other person’a fault, right?

If you want to get mad, then get mad at the idiots of your own party that pushed Hillary Clinton as their nominee just because that is what the corporations, bankers, and wall street demanded.

According to all the numbers, there was no “surge” of support for Trump, he got close to- the same amount of support as McCain and Romney in their campaigns, the difference was Democratic voters refused to go vote.

So if you want to be mad at least be smart enough to be mad at the right people. you could have easily beat Trump with Bernie or any other rational person as the Democratic nominee but nope, you accepted Hillary, and so the blame is yours.

And if you are violent, it is not because other people force you to be violent, you are violent because deep inside that is who you are. You are like the wife beater blaming his wife for him having to beat her.

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