You know, I think it is always part of the conservative-reactive view of the world to be suspicious…
Laurie Raymond

You know, I think it is always part of the conservative-reactive view of the world to be suspicious of differences. To attempt to protect a concept of “normal”

Well that is certainly the propaganda the left spoon feeds into the minds of their forced splinter groups but it is simply not true. We are not different. Just because you see yourself in a certain way that is not exactly the same as most people, that does not make you different in humanity.

Who is it that is preaching divisiveness of humanity? Who created all these splinter groups? Not Conservatives, I have already pointed all of this out and you have avoided all of it….why? Is there some need inside you that makes you want to be seen as completely different than any other human being? do you need to be tribal? You see “your tribe” as special and needing special recognitions and help as opposed to any other human being?

I am saying that, by all of us who are already corralled in the “abnormal” ghetto AND everyone who wants to recognize all these differences as part of intrinsic human variation, defining ourselves as “transgender” we are taking away the power of those who want to use it to divide and conquer.

No you are not because it is the left who created the box you have decided to allow yourself to be put inside. They keep telling you how weak and completely different you are and how you need to form your own “tribe” to differentiate you from everyone else in humanity. The left is preaching how different you are, not Conservatives.

Because “trans” implies a spectrum of human variation, and claiming it proclaims everyone’s right to be who they are and denies any utility or rational excuse for such things as “bathroom laws”………

Why do you think you need special laws? I have been alive for over 50 years and I have never seen anyone guarding bathrooms checking identifications, trans people always used the bathroom of their choice and nobody said anything. The left has created a problem where there was never a problem. They created the problem as part of their agenda to sever you from the collective and force you into their “other” box, it is Liberals making you different, not Conservatives.

We do, as a society, have the right to outlaw behavior in all realms that is exploitative, abusive, coercive or violent. But this right exists because no one has the right to treat another this way.

Society in general is a complex mess, who gets to decide what thoughts are to be criminalized? If you feel it is is okay to criminalize those who do not like trans people then as a society would it be okay to criminalize those who like trans people? It goes both ways right? Criminalizing thoughts is a very dangerous power to hand an all powerful Government.

Conservative people who express conventional sexual identities, behavior and practices are not under attack.

Again, the only people pointing fingers at you screaming about how completely different you are is the Liberals, Conservative people do not care one way or the other what you do in the privacy of your bedroom or what you have under your clothing, all Conservatives have said is Government should never impose it’s all powerful hand to try and manipulate society and punish those who do not follow political correctness at that time.

Our founding fathers warned us of the mob mentality where sudden changes were made without the slow and thoughtful process of Congress. Obama made drastic changes and now Trump looks to be making massive changes back again, this is simply not healthy for the Country, both Presidents were wrong, that degree of change should only be done through Congress. When we allow Presidents to gather up extra powers like this every new President has the same powers. I do not like either party making that kind of large changes through policy instead of legislation.

I also think we who are thus discriminated against do not help ourselves when we allow ourselves to be “sliced and diced and set against each other.” Solidarity recognizes us all as human, whatever point on the spectrum of sexual identity we occupy. That, as you said, our commonalities are more important than our differences.

And as I said, the only people pushing these splinter groups are Liberals, they splinter you to control you.

Your sexual and gender identity is yours, not the public's issue. I don't care, most people do not care, I do not know a single Conservative who cares about your private decisions in sexual and gender identity and I happen to know a lot of Conservatives, I have a quarter million of them on one of my email lists and we share stuff all the time.

It is a Liberal myth that Conservatives hate trans people or hate gay people or hate minorities, etc, it is all how they slice you up into tiny and better controlled groups.

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It is not exactly the same but in an attempt to explain this to you I want to give you an example. I do not know if you have children in your life or not but if a child asks for something and they really, really want it and pester you for it every day, but you say “NO” does that mean you hate your kids?

The job of Government is closer to a parent than a friend. Citizens keep asking for tens of millions of things every year from one extreme to another but unfortunately for them, most of the time Government should say no. Usually because it is not the task of Government to give us everything we want.

Saying no is sometimes the best thing that can happen to a child, and it is even better to tell adults no most of the time as well because we can be pretty darn petty and childish ourselves when we get going.

So no, Conservatives are saying “NO” because there is an element they believe is not good or proper for the Government to be doing and allowing, not because they are specifically targeting one group another out of hate.

The Left pretend it is caused by hate because that helps them to control their splinter groups.

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As I said to you before, if you can’t see yourself as a normal person, how can Conservative minded people see you as one of them when even you believe you are not one of them? If you can’t see yourself as just another human being the same as everyone else, how can they?