Your criticism is pithy and ignorant.
Grant Stern

Well that was pretty childish, lol, but typical for all on the radical left so believe me, I am used to it.

None of that proves anything. Even Nancy Pelosi had meetings with Russians she first lied about then pictures proved she lied, but we do not put people in prison for meetings Grant.

You completely dodged my point, you have nothing but thin air, unfounded claims, and lies “SO FAR”.

Do you have a signed contract with Agalarov and Trump in any capacity? Can you show it? Do you have any actual hard proof that there was ever a formal signed deal between Trump and Agalarov?

Or are you like every other far left Liberal spouting unfounded accusations? Can you answer this question or will you just dodge it and toss insults in the attempt to dodge this question?

As I keep warning you radicals, you are hurting your own “side” with these never ending spammed unfounded accusations. This is like the little boy who cried wolf, you make all these wild claims of Trump being impeached, sent to prison, etc and none of them turn out to be true so the public is no longer listening.

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