I have been flying nearly twice as long as you have and have never been taken off a plane, accosted…
Beverly Palmacci

I have been flying nearly twice as long as you have and have never been taken off a plane

Well that would put you about 90 years old, but does that not show you how rare this kind of situation is instead of you guys trying to make it seem normal practice? Most people take the money, they were offering over 4 times what the ticket was worth.

accosted by airport security in an attempt to force me off a plane or witnessed it done to another passenger. It is such an absurd policy it’s difficult to process that it exists. The proof of this absurdity is the self inflicted harm it has caused the airline since the incident. Facebook is covered with posts of those videos.

So answer me a direct question, if the airline told you that you had to give up your seat for whatever reason, would you get off or force them to remove you by force? What decision would you make faced with the same requirement? Would you refuse to depart and made the decision to fight to keep that seat?

Whatever the reason United wanted those four seats it was, in fact, their problem. The violent way they chose to solve it was totally unacceptable.

Let’s be honest, the airline did not turn to violence, the passenger did, they asked him several times to depart the plane and he flat refused. They told him that security would be called and he said okay. He knew what he was starting and was actually asking for it to be physical. He could have decided to end this at any time but he forced it to escalate into a fight.

It has already been suggested by others that the financial incentives should have been increased until they got takers. Apparently such a civilized concept has never been discussed among United decision makers. Something tells me they’ll be discussing it plenty now.

They already offered over 4 times what the tickets were worth and a flight the next day, they have indeed discussed the process that is how they come up with the value of paying people to get off.

I do not believe they need to sit there for 5 hours playing a bidding war begging people to accept it. They offer the going rate and if nobody accepts it, use the lottery, it is fair and logical.

At some point, the airline has to remove people if they refuse to get off, the lack of civility was with the passenger. The plane does not belong to him, the airline reserves the right to cancel any ticket, you agree to that when you buy the ticket.

Let me ask you a question, do you think United wanted to use force? do you believe that was their desire? To create a messy problem and bad publicity? Really you believe they did this on purpose?

Sounds to me the Doctor saw an opportunity to get him a lawsuit and he did not hesitate, even pretended to be knocked out and screamed like a little girl, if he was really so scared he would have got off, he was acting the entire time.

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