The only thing good about Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump is that I don’t have to defend…

Well the difference is, the Trump hotels and casinos were getting these leaders before he was President so how much “extra” could there truly be? Top notch hotels in Washington are always filled up with super rich lobbyists, world leaders, CEO’s bankers, and wall street fat cats.

I have been to Washington DC, even the smaller hotels are usually packed and are high priced, and God help you in finding somewhere to park your car.

As far as “draining the swamp” we first heard that promise from Nancy Pelosi and so far nobody has done anything, not even Obama who made it a founding campaign promise to not have any lobbyists in decision making positions with his Administration, a promise he broke almost instantly.

Trump has kicked the fat man off the transition team and has pushed a much more hard line against former lobbyists than anyone in history, a 5 year bad for becoming a lobbyist after serving in his administration, Obama only asked for 2 years. So it is at least a start.

The one thing we have to keep in mind is it did not get bad overnight so fixing it or even making a dent in it will also not happen overnight.

I’ll be honest with you, as a Conservative I would have voted for bernie over Trump. Not because I loved Bernie’s stands, we all know Bernie would not have passed any of his big ticket items even with a Democratic controlled congress. No I would have voted for Bernie because he would have been able to bring the change without the rough edges Trump has.

But as it turned out, Trump was the only person at the end who had not taken hundreds of millions of dollars from corporations, bankers, wall street and foreign governments so he got the outsider support by default. The sad reality is Trump could not have won if not for those who voted for Obama deciding to stay home and not support Hillary though, so Trump is only the winner because so many people refused to support Hillary even though Obama said he would take it as a personal insults if his supporters did not vote for Hillary, to me that says more than anything else.