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Rose Richeson, an ICE spokesperson, said that he was a “self-admitted gang member,” a charge that Mark Rosenbaum, Ramirez Medina’s counsel, has denied.

Well the first thing they should do is catalog his tattoos, in most cases those kinds of gangs require their members to ink their bodies with a logo or words on their body. If he has any of those tattoos he is a gang member, period. Nobody would wear the tattoos who was not a member, period.

Outside of that the order also says to use discretion, not that they are always allowed to stay. If in their judgement this guy is not as clean as he pretends to be then they can still deport him because the DACA policy does not erase immigration laws, it is still illegal for them to be in America.

But I do agree, Trump needs to end the official DACA policy and put the decision of leniency to a case by case basis as determined by immigration officials, not bureaucrats.

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