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Well the issue for your desired response is it is impossible to reply to nonsense, not taking shit has zero correlation or comparison to- not giving a shit. I pride myself on n ever dodging a single point or honest question asked of me but even I can’t see where your question is, it seems more like you are attempting to shift the discussion away from the fact Trump does not take any shit and talk about something else.

So being as you ask a nonsense question that has no possible answer, we are attempting to provide you with some real points to consider instead of the pretend stuff you seem to prefer, lol.

But again, I never dodge a single point made (unlike yourself) and if you care to take another stab at explaining what your question is in a way it can be understood and make sense I will gladly and enthusiastically engage it and respond to the best of my ability.

And to- your second complaint, Obama was still complaining about Bush 7 years into his own Administration so it seems you are practicing a double standard, but in this specific case Obama is the most recent standard for comparison in a discussion about Presidents taking shit or dishing out shit etc so Obama would be a logical frame of reference.

Why you seem to have such difficulty understanding something so basic is beyond me.

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Now, on to my points, I directly quoted you and replied with factual and logical commentary, you have dodged all of it, why? Are people such as yourself incapable of replying to direct points and questions offered to you?

Is there some reason my refuting your assertion that Trump was somehow a dictator based on his not looking for consensus in all things was too difficult for you to understand? Are you scared of addressing facts and logical comparisons?

I agree. Facts Matter. Unfortunately, we live now in a world where at least 20% of American’s have an entirely different defenition of what constitutes facts. And that scares me.

Then look in a mirror my friend because you are part of that 20%.

Your own definition of what makes a President a dictator described Obama, not Trump, I offered a few examples and you ran away scared to death of those facts. You see, people like you only deal in lies and distortions and emotions while avoiding facts at every turn. You prefer fantasies and hate.

So address my fact based points or keep running away scared but stop pretending to be looking for an honest discussion because you have not even attempted to be honest so far.

Facts are facts, and only I have offered facts for consideration.

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