I’ll give you a link, one of many, and note that you ignored Sweden while I’m at it.
Gus DiZerega

Well the link you provided did not offer any validation for their number, they use words like “ approximately one-quarter of the inhabitants” So they are just making up the numbers. Maybe it is an educated guess, maybe not, but it is not a verifiable number.

So you are proven wrong, I love it when you radicals prove yourself wronf, lol.

Anyway, you are again attempting to compare apples to hand grenades. The exodus was caused by famine, not war. This has no comparison to the population fleeing due to war and the massive damage to cities, infrastructure, hospitals, etc. Syria and many other Nations that are producing all these refugees will need massive rebuilding, something Ireland never had to deal with.

So as usual you dodge the actual points being made.

Have a great day :)

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