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Well the reporter entered into the offices without an appointment, forced his way into the face of Greg Gianforte, put his phone (used as a recorder) a couple inches from Greg Gianforte’s mouth and started peppering hostile questions at him, if it was me I would have beat the crap out of the reporter, you do not just walk into offices uninvited and intrude into the personal space of another people demanding they answer your questions.

From other outlets including CNN (shocking as that is) they have reported the “scuffle” happened after Greg Gianforte went to posh the phone away from his face, the two ended up in pushing each other to the ground.

It seems more likely the event turned ugly because of the way the reporter was so pushy and hostile, then a mutual struggle happened over the phone used as a recorder, they both went to the ground, the reporter lied when he claimed he was “body slammed” that much is very clear. So if he lied about that part he is most likely not telling the truth about any of it.

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