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Well two points:

  1. At least there were grass roots people showing up over many areas to show Trump support and considering these people have jobs and families and such and are not being paid or supported by groups and rich people to show up (look into who paid for all those pussycat hats) so their support was true and real, making their numbers worth much, much more.
  2. I see TP decided not to report on the fact many Liberals decided to go harass these Trump supporters and in some cases attack them.

When the far left decides to protest nobody bothers them, if there are counter protesters, it is small and not violent. You never saw anyone attacking Hillary events or Bernie events, but for some reason Liberals believe they need to silence any voice they do not agree with and will openly and even in come cases violently do what they can to silence anyone who voices a political set of beliefs that differ from them.


With all the pressure being imposed against Trump supporters in the media and violent Liberals it is a very big deal that anyone comes out to show support for Trump publicly, privately at the voting booth sure, nobody knows how you voted, but to come out in public and admit you support your President when all the media and most of the far left will attack you, call you a racist and other names, maybe even attack you physically?

That shows real courage of convictions and American spirit you will never see in the far left.

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