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We’re all going to die. Many of us, however, hope to put that day off as long as possible.

Well yes, we are all going to die and there is nothing the Government can do to change this fact of life. So the question then becomes, to what degree is Government required to help put off that death for it’s citizens?

What criteria do we use? This is the truly difficult question. One nobody really wants to debate honestly.

We have all had our debates about “Death panels” but is that not exactly what we are discussing right now? Who decides what Citizens get what care? When does the Government become responsible for your care and to what degree or limit? Should there be any limit? Should there be any restrictions? Even Obama established limits, some may or may not agree with the limits he set but all rational human beings know there must be at least “some” limits. We can’t just afford to spend millions of dollars for every Citizen in America.

Drawing those lines will always be a difficult and controversial topic, you will never make everyone happy.

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