When Your CEO Is Unfit, You Fire Him.
John Battelle

I’ve said this many times before. Our “chief executive” is unfit.

Well yo-u like most of the far left are still stuck in the 2nd and 3rd stages of grief over the election, but believe me, normal Americans and the Right are getting a great deal of entertainment watching you guys cry constantly, lol.

Look, it is over, it is now very clear Trump did not collude with Russia to steal the election, Trump has not done a single crazy or bad thing, in fact all of his decisions so far are things prior Presidents have done. All of his policies are actually similar to some Democrat policies in the past. Even Hillary Clinton at one time called for more “barriers” on the border, she called for going after employers of illegal aliens and she said it was Mexico’s policies that drive illegal immigration into America, just like Trump has said.

So how exactly is he “unfit”? The economy is booming, unemployment is dropping to levels not seen in over 10 years, foreign Governments may not love us but they now are respecting us again, ISIS is on the run, Europe seems to be falling apart while we are getting stronger. Tax reform will bring in trillions of dollars kept off shore for all of Obama’s Presidency, and small businesses are beginning to see some profit and a better future again. And now, illegal immigration has slowed, deportations have increased, we are currently reviewing the trade deals that have hurt our economy so much and hopefully we come up with some needed changes.

In general, everything is great! The majority of voters are seeing improvements in their normal lives. Everyone benefits from a stronger economy (except maybe Democratic politicians, lol).