That’s not the entire black community, that’s a small portion of it.
Ronnie Heaven

That’s not the entire black community, that’s a small portion of it.

Well you can say that about elections not saying anything either then because not all Americans vote. But guess what, making the choice to not vote is also a statement. The Black community in general says just as much with their silence as they do their protesting.

Just like the alt right is not the whole white community, but a tiny faction.

The so called “alt right” is not even a real segment of society, it is mostly talking heads and such and it can’t be compared to say the BLM folks, it is simply childish to say they actually imp[act anything at all, it certainly makes for media sensationalism but not reality.

But White America did rise up and condemn as a single voice the cowardly and horrible attack against the Black church members who were killed. Rarely do you see the same when a Black person or Black group does something horrible to White people, like the Chicago incident with 4 Blacks torturing a mentally disabled White man for two days and broadcasting it live on facebook for 30 minutes and none of those “friends” who saw the video called police. After the incident I saw a black woman on CNN say it was not a hate crime and then she tried to justify it by bringing up how White people treated slaves.

I believe mainstream media profiting off our divisivness is one of the biggest culprits.

I agree with you there, but also “race hustlers” and the Democratic party also use these events for their monetary and political gain as well.

Many black folks know the rampant violence in some of their communities, hence the myriad organizations/articles dedicated to rectify this problem:

All talk, zero action. If they can rise up and riot and destroy and attack police then they can rise up and remove the gangs and the drugs and the bad people from their society, but they “choose” to see police as the enemy and the violent criminals as their friends.

Fine, you hate police, okay so being as police are the only element working to clean up your streets, now what? If you reject police then it is up to you to take their place, impose peace and safety on your streets, walk in large groups and refuse to allow the gangs safe havens in the Black community. It is up to you.

This is a tiny sampling. If this is isn’t front page news, don’t blame millions of people, blame CNN or Fox news.

There is nothing to report, big talk and zero action is not something deserving to be reported. Record setting crimes, murder, rape, robbery, drug dealing etc in Chicago for example, numbers not seen in 20 years is reality, talking is not going to change that reality.

What about white on white crime? I’d love to hear from you what you are doing to combat that in your community, and what organizations you are involved in.

Well first of all, we are not worried about being called a snitch, if I know of a drug dealer or gang member or rapist or whatever in my community I will instantly call police and get him removed, the safety of my children is always my first concern and turning a blind eye to criminals like that will hurt my children so they have to go. I do not care what color they are, cops will always be 1 million times better than killers and rapists and drug dealers.

I see you trying to shift the discussion away but you need to remember that Blacks are only 12% of the population but commit more than half of all murders in America. T?he same is true for most kinds of violent crimes we track in America. Yes Whites also hurt other Whites, but at extremely lower rates. The problems are spread out over a massive area while the problems in the Black communities are over small areas and in focused neighborhoods and for some reason, Black communities have decided to shelter their criminal element. You know who all the “bad people” are, you just refuse to call them out.

This is why in Chicago about 74% of all Black murders go unsolved and the killers get away with it.

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