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These dudes were actually playing cards.

Were they? You ave some video or pictures to prove that claim or are you just swallowing anything the far left forces down your throat as a good little lemming?

All of them could not have been playing cards, you seem clueless so let me educate you. State and Federal legislators typically spend hours and even days rambling on with each side repeating the exact same comments as the others on their “side”. During these debate most of the people wonder off somewhere if their “turn” is not close, I would bet a month’s income that she does this as well, she was just having a temper tantrum because she felt her audience was not big enough. Shows how self-centered she is. she is clearly there for herself, not to serve others.

What people are tired of is constantly being attacked without cause. There was simply no reason for this woman to attack white people other than to get the attention she craves. On top of that playing the race card has worked good in the past but it is like the little boy who cried wolf, sooner or later calling White people racists loses it’t power and you have to start actually debate issues, this is why Democrats have lost over 1,000 elections in the past 8 years, name calling has run it’s course and now Democrats are lost and helpless because they can’t justify their political stands.