Your response is exactly what’s wrong what’s the entire issue.

Your response is exactly what’s wrong what’s the entire issue. Instead of laying blame with people were willing to openly collude with a foreign power or foreign nationals you play the.

What blame? What crime was committed? Can you name the statute JR supposedly broke? Ot are you blindly believing anything the radical left tells you?

What is wrong with this issue is uneducated masses on the Left swallowing lies. What the man did was foolish and proves how clueless they were about political appearances, but it was not illegal and there is still not 1 thing that proves any collusion at all, you are painting a huge lie and you think if you tell the lie often enough you can make it truth but once the official investigations come out clearing Trump this house of cards built of lies you tell will come falling apart.

“but someone else did it first”.

It has nothing to do with that, it is to prove the massive double standard for you on the radical left. Obama directly supports the overthrow of the Democratically elected leaders of a Nation and not 1 Liberal cared. America can meddle in elections and leaderships of Nations but Russia steals a few emails and releases them and somehow this is the end of the world to the radical left.

I’m first generation American and while I completely accept my country isn’t perfect, I’d never help someone pull it down.

Who is pulling it down? so far all we have seen is improvements. Today we are enforcing our laws again, we have seen many American jobs saved, new work to negotiate several unfair trade deals, the stock market is soaring, jobs are increasing at a faster pace than we saw in the last 8 years. NATO members started paying their share, etc.

I certainly see a lot of emotion based complaints, but nothing of real substance.

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