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Brylar Foustark

This was a microscopic example of why people and politics stuck today because for the first time in history we infinite knowledge at our fingers but as you have demonstrated, knowledge is not what you seek from a serious disability of agendacitis. You make false claims, get busted and then YOU accuse others of being childish.

What exactly do you think you “busted” me with? You are not making any sense, the initial coroner findings at the scene would have been done while claiming the body, I have no idea what time that was but it was before they released him, what more do you need to know?

What exactly is your complaint? There was no evidence, and still is no evidence of any crime being committed, all the evidence (so far) points to self-defense.

Again, we live in a society where the assumption of innocence is a bedrock principle, your assumption of guilt based only on the fact the shooter is White is not how the justice system works.

I have asked you what evidence you can offer of a crime being committed and you got nothing, so based on your own admission of nothing, how do you justify charging this man with a crime?

Ballistic evidence and autopsy results show Ronald Gasser, the man authorities say admitted to fatally shooting Joe McKnight, did not fire on the former NFL player while standing over him, Jefferson Parish authorities said.
“The wounds are not consistent with being shot from above while on the ground,” Jefferson Parish Coroner Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich said, as he discussed McKnight’s autopsy during a press conference Friday (Dec. 2).
The information contradicts a witness account given at the scene of McKnight’s death Thursday at a Terrytown intersection. The witness had said she saw Gasser shoot McKnight twice, then stand on top of McKnight and fire once more.
“Mr. Gasser was in his vehicle when he fired three shots,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said at the same press conference. “That witness account, and we talked to that witness, is factually incorrect. It did not happen.”
Cvitanovich said one of the three bullets that struck McKnight, 28, entered his chest and traveled through his liver and kidney before exiting out his right lower back. Another bullet struck McKnight in his right shoulder and punctured his lung. The third bullet hit McKnight in his left hand, the coroner said.
Normand said three shell casings were found inside Gasser’s vehicle. Gasser, 54, was sitting in the driver’s seat of his blue Infiniti coupe when he fired three times at McKnight. The former NFL player was out of his Audi Q7 and “positioned at the passenger window of the Infiniti,” authorities said.
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