Actually you did: “ If you (and possibly others) suspect that Trump does not trust even Pence” ~…
Mark Collier

You missed the key word in my response: SUSPECT, not “you said”

Where did I use the word “suspect” or allege Trump did not trust Pence? Where did you get that idea from being as I never said anything close to that?

No, I do not tell my wife every little thing, but she and I do not run the country either. Your analogy is weak because my wife and I do not discuss national secrets, nor are we responsible for the largest superpower on earth.

But your level of trust and partnership is the closest of any two human beings can ever have in life. If you justify reasons why you do not share every detail with your wife being as close has human beings can ever be, why assume a President must share every detail of his life and decision making processes with his VP?

Again, whatever Flynn did it was not illegal, this was a “gut check” moment surrounded in trust issues, not National security (other then the criminal act of the intelligence officials leaking classified information) so where was the urgency in running to Pence?

Do you think that maybe there were more pressing concerns both men were dealing with such as the immigration order that put this as a lower priority in Trump’s mind?

You continually seem to categorize my comments as if “because I’m from the left” they are some extreme conspiracy bent on “making Trump out to be evil” — which is not the case.

Well your assumptions of evil in every step seems to show you indeed working very hard to paint Trump as evil, again why assume the worse possible scenario in every case?

I do not think Trump is necessarily “evil” — I just think he is wrong as a president.

And I respect your opinion, I just do not agree, so far he has kept most of his promises and the team he is building is a “dream team” for large scale negotiations so I am very hopeful he will improve trade deals and bring back/build higher paying jobs in America.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

As far as any proof, the Access Hollywood tapes prove that he has an unhealthy viewpoint on women, and what is deemed “sexual assault” in this country.

The tape proves he talks big, most men I have known in my lifetime who brag about sexual conquests are telling lies, and I have a lot of experience in talking to large groups of people, especially men.

Most of you on the far left seem to think he is all talk as well so why are you believing him in this single case? Because it fits your political agenda to attack him and paint him as evil?

His repeated bankruptcies (6) begs to question his so-called extraordinary business skills.

Wow, so 6 out of over 500 companies is what percentage of failure? 3 of those bankruptcies were casinos where most of the other casinos also did the same thing as part of the economy shift so I would personally not consider those as failures myself, if most other people had the same problem but even giving you those 3, how can you claim 6 failures compared to over 500 owned businesses is a bad failure rate?

Can you name for me a businessman of his level with no failures of any kind in their history?

His negative comments on national television, don’t forget Twitter about women, Hispanics, blacks, etc. cannot be denied — it was him!

And Hillary calling half of his voters “deplorable” and lacking any redeeming quality in America was not negative?

And no, Trump has not attacked Hispanics and Blacks and such, that is a distortion like when the far left and the media tried to claim Trump called all Mexicans rapists, he simply never said that. Yes Trump is a big mouth and he does not care about playing nice, but all of the claims of him being a racist etc are simply not true.

His admitted tax evasion,

Taking legal tax allowances is not tax evasion, again you are distorting the truth and inserting evil intent where there are none.

How many years have you refused to take all of your allowed tax breaks?

and subsequent refusal to disclose his taxes (like he promised to do if he was elected and as presidents have voluntarily done for the past 40 years) speaks of hiding ill-intentions. So, I guess we can respectfully “agree to disagree” on this issue.

Finally you found one true bad thing about Trump and I agree with you on this point, Trump should release his tax returns. Not because other Presidents did so but because he promised to do it and he should do it. He says now he is still under an audit and maybe he is or maybe he is not, but either way he should still release them.

Thanks for responding….have a great day!

And thanks to you too, you are why I am here on a far left forum, to try my best to fight disinformation and lies being spread and to discuss issues and be exposed to views to challenge my own. I do not even have an account on a Conservative site, I do not see the value in wallowing in echo chambers. so instead I come to your echo chambers for the challenge.

You also have a nice day :)

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