No words….
Nancy Bradshaw

While all rape is horrible and I would never turn a blind eye to any rape, we have to understand that all of these so called studies are manipulated by advocacy groups who want those numbers to look as bad as possible to justify their mistreatment of men.

All men are considered rapists until proven innocent in these circles.

Men are not all rapists, and many of these rape claims are in fact not rape, I have lived the college lifestyle and most of us who have know the party life and the way many act for the first time away from home, away from mom and dad, away from any accountability and a very large percentage of them go completely wild. Including the girls.

Then after a bunch of wild behavior the next day there is a lot of regret over bad decisions made the night before while under the influence of various drugs and influences. But that does not make it rape. If both people were impaired, then both were making bad decisions based on being impaired, you can’t claim only the male was responsible and the woman blameless.

They both had sex with a drunk/impaired person, why is only the man guilty of a crime? This goes back to an ancient mindset of women being helpless and incapable of making their own decisions in life. We claim women are free but we treat their sexual decisions as somehow not their fault, as if all women are completely incapable of making their own decisions in life and society has to follow women around and constantly treat them as weak and needing to be propped up because they can never make it in the world on their own.

Yes, rape does happen, and in those cases the man should be severely punished, I have long been an advocate for repeat offenders to be chemically castrated, I am no lightweight on holding men accountable for what they do, but I am not brainwashed into believing all women are innocent little angels either.

It seems that you are saying women can do no wrong, but I have news for you, Women are just as capable of bad behavior as men, in fact, women are being more and more abusive and taking advantage of the system. More and more studies are showing women as the abusers, even more often than men in many cases. So let’s not keep perpetuating this myth that women are always innocent little angels, we know better.

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