A lovely response full of bluff and bluster and little substance.
Eric Hartman

A lovely response full of bluff and bluster and little substance. It reminds me of someone else who is the topic of many a discussion of late. I expected no more or no less.

While all you are doing is dodging the facts I pointed to, this is what we always see from you on the far left, you get called out for unsubstantiated claims, we use facts to prove you wrong, then instead of admitting you were wrong, you go into selection and personal attack mode.

I expected no ,ess from you as a typical far left guy.

The very fact of approval of dubious actions of others speaks volumes of one’s own charactor.

And when someone dodged factual points made and turns to attacking others on a personal level to avoid admitting they were wrong, that tells us a lot about their character.

It is true that one cannot force the proverbial horse to drink, but it also seems true that some who resemble a part of the horse’s anatomy are quite fond of drinking orange flavored kool aid with education having little to do with it.

And more childish name calling and innuendo, it is all emotions with those of you who wallow in echo chambers like thinkprogress, it is always all about your hate and facts that prove you wrong be damned, lol.

As to the “extremely educated Democrats” there are currently no less that three lawsuits filed on the very topic. Try to keep up, but in your favor I doubt such things are discussed much in your circles.

Really, and do you know who is backing those suits? Clearly you do not, lol. Go look and see if you see the names of Pelosi or Clinton or Sanders or any of the top Democrats putting their names on those frivolous lawsuits.

I never said some people were not trying to file a case, I said the “smart people in Washington” were not. They know how this will end, there is no legal case.

Consider this, any Democrats with aspirations to run for President against Republicans would look like a rock star if they made a case like this and got it approved, instead every Democrat with a name is as far away from these cases as you can get. The FBI would call that a clue, lol.

Good bye Louis.

I will always be right here to call out these distortions and lies, you can count one me to bring some facts to these emotion based discussions, sorry if that hurts your feelings.

I really do mean that by the way, I do not see you as evil or an enemy just because you are attacking me and anyone who does not share your political beliefs. I do not make anything personal. I understand that in most cases you really are no different than anyone else in America. You have your life and a family and a circle of friends and most of the time you are just trying to make it through life like anyone else in America. I could never hate you just because you have different political beliefs no matter where you get those beliefs.

I am only here calling out inaccurate and unfair claims, I do not involve my emotions to anything over the internet and just stick to the facts. So don;t think there is anything personal against you in my posts, I have nothing but respect for you as an American, I just take issue with your tactics and need to make everything about emotions instead of truth and facts.

You have a great day :)

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