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While Comey’s testimony was filled with drama queen theatrics at the end of the day there was nothing to incriminate Trump in any crime, at the same time while Comey was crying about how unfair it was for him to- be fired, he cleared up many lies against Trump that have been circulated such as stories in the New York Times and others who claim they had classified information against Trump and company were all dead wrong and spreading pure propaganda.

Comey admitted Trump was never under investigation and even supported the Russia investigation and wanted to know if any of his people were implicated in wrong actions.

The one thing comey desperately attempted to push against Trump was this idea that Trump had obstructed Justice by expressing a hope that Comey could show Flynn some compassion.

But the problem with this assertion is, “IF” Comey really thought Trump was attempting to obstruct Justice, he was compelled to report it instantly, by law Comey had to instantly report to his supervisor and report the attempt to obstruct. So either Comey “did not” see Trump’s words as attempting to obstruct justice at the time and is only saying so now because he is angry over being fired, -OR- Comey did feel Trump was attempting to obstruct justice and concealed it, and that is a crime itself.

And then there is his admission he was a leaker of Government documents. By the records act and FBI document rules, any product of an official meeting is by law and regulation the property of the Federal Government. Comey even took these memos to work and showed them to his staff and discussed them, they are in fact official Government documents part of official duties and meetings and investigations. Comey can’t release them to the media without permission.

And now that Comey has outed himself as someone willing to use the media for personal political reasons several other reports in the media now make more sense. Such as how Comey described his meeting with Lynch and her directive to follow the Hillary Clinton campaign in terminology. This is interesting because last year “somebody” leaked those details to the media after Comey was taking a lot of heat about his decision to reopen the Hillary case.

It seems the reason Comey refused to make leakers in the FBI a priority to investigate as requested by Trump was because Comey himself was one of the top leakers of information.