Louis, you haven’t provided any facts, only one broad statement that most good-intentions by the…
James Benson

While everything you just posted was personal attacks and assumptions based on your hate, interesting no?

The comment you are replying to was to Gus and my reply was more in general where I have indeed given Gus hard facts on a topic and he runs away, never even admitting I proved him wrong.

In this specific case my comment was more logic and personal observation combined with my knowledge of the actions of the Unions and how they operate. That with how most Government workers are indeed Democrats and not Republicans, and we all know how Democrats/Liberals are all about their emotions as you just demonstrated yourself with this emotion based vomit you posted to attack me with, and the rest seems pretty clear.

Even you did not try to claim I was wrong, you only said it can’t be proven, lol.

But this is not a court of law, as Human beings we are allowed to decide for ourselves and based on your reaction to turn to personal attacks and claim it can’t be proven means you agree I am right, lol.

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