Choosing Between Two People Is Easier Than You Think
Tracy Moore

Who decided that one woman/one man was the only justifiable mental choice?

These are imposed views by society and the stress he is feeling is being imposed by that society, even the women who would most likely be pretty pissed off if they both knew about the other (although sometimes one woman knows they are the other woman) are just responding to a belief structure they have been brainwashed into believing they have the right to “own” her man and the reverse is true for many men who believe they should “own” their woman.

While I agree this model is the most likely to be successful, the massive divorce rate seems to prove that this does not really work out for most people. In fact we are now to the point that most children will not be raised in a home with their father in it. Swapping out relationships or never even considering a monogamous relationship is becoming the norm.

Why? In my opinion we have three things each individually driving apart couples and working against even the idea of long term relationships.

  1. Well the first and most obvious is women no longer need men, women used to require men to help provide for them and protect them, but modern society provides relative safety and much better support for women and even child support enforcement so women can get the monetary support without having to stay in a relationship with a man.
  2. Men no longer need women, men used to look to women to provide love and affection and take care of homes not to mention women used to require some degree of dedication to provide access to regular sex but this is the day of the “booty call” and no real requirements or barriers to sex so no need to marry and be exclusive to a single woman to have access to sex.
  3. A lack of any “moral” push by society to be in monogamous relationships. for good or bad, even many Atheist intellectuals have had to admit that religion has played a moderating factor to society. Devotion in marriage was a religious concept and in many ways unnatural. As we have slowly withdrawn from being a “Christian” Nation, we have seen a loss in the moral fiber of our Nation. Now I am not attempting to claim we should be religious or not, just making an observation that as we have lost one reason for morality, we have also seen a decline in things like marriage.

So I really see no point in stressing out over one guy trying to figure out if one of two women are more “right” for him than the other when we look at the bigger picture and see how overall, monogamous relationships are clearly losing popularity in modern society.