I hope you are so understanding when it happens to you.
ms yates

Why do all of you on the radical left try to play the race card for everything? That kind of thing is why normal Americans are sick and tired of you radicals.

I have been selected for removal two times in my 30+ years of airline travel all over the place, and while I did not like it, I saw no reason to have a childish temper tantrum about it.

The airline did not just suddenly decide to kick people off the plane, they had to do it, so stomping your foot was not going to make the problem go away. If you work with them many times you can get the best possible result to a bad situation because they are motivated to try and take care of you.

In one of the times I was removed from a flight they not only gave me a cash payment they also gave me a free upgrade to first class on a later flight. I thought that was pretty nice of them, they certainly did not have to according to the agreement we take by buying the tickets.

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