Louis Weeks,
Bosco Brownstone

Let me refresh your fleeting & feeble memory!

Why do you feel the need to be childish and insulting? Are the points you try to make so weak you need to try and “beef them up” with this kind of juvenile conduct?

Unlike yourself I was very much interested in the TARP program and how it was written and why. the three page suggestion from Bush was ripped up and the Democrats who help a majority in both the House and the senate wrote their own Bill .

Bush who was in his last months of the presidency and had no political power to force Democrats to change anything in their Bill decided to sign it to offer the appearance of stability the banking world needed because confidence was crashing rapidly.

As far as who to put in charge of it, I would have had to do a vetting process like anyone else to see who was even interested but the point was Obama spent every dime of the TARP program, established every aspect of it, and when Obama had the choice he picked a banking insider who ended up paying out billions of dollars to workers of failed banks, how about you tell me why the Government had to pay out all that money in bonuses to failed banks?

And while you are at it, why did Obama and Holder give immunity to the bankers who caused the mess?

P.S. I did not reply till now because you did not actually reply on my comment, you replied on the story, if you reply to the person you are asking the question to they will get a notification you commented so they can respond. This is very basic forum knowledge, do you not know these things?

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