Why do you insist on prevaricating?
Paul Pearson

Why do you insist on prevaricating?

Why do you insist on dodging valid point about the media and politicians “earning” the distrust they currently have?

Reporting ‘his very words’ is not a false narrative.

It is a false narrative to take those words out of context then to severely edit them to completely change the meaning of those words. No honest person listening to the entire speech would ever come to the conclusion Trump said all Mexicans were rapists.

By editing his words to change the meaning, that was dishonest, and it was done only because they were obediently serving Hillary Clinton and people like you see nothing wrong with that?

Normal Americans saw this kind of thing and correctly determined that all media has lost objectivity.

One more item while you’re here, you accused me of name calling where I pointed out Trump was a narcissistic liar, well he is the classic definition of a narcissist, read it sometime, and ever reputable fact check site will back up my statement on the lying part. You could fact check that too!

You names called, it is part of the nasty frothing at the mouth attitudes all Liberals have these days. We are fellow Americans, why must you paint us as evil just because we do not share your political beliefs?

No Trump is not Hitler or any other nasty name or label you try to paint him with, your need to strike out in rage is the point. Let go of the hate.

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