You don’t know what you are talking about.
Stephan Orme

Why is it all of you on the radical left simply refuse to educate yourself? Yopu just hear some talking points on a radical left site like this and you swallow it completely because it matches your emotions.

This is what defines a far left Liberal, a lack of any education at all on important topics like this, and wallowing in pure emotion based attacks.

Here, educate yourself fool:

Basic recycling schemes do exist, but often focus on two valuable components — the glass and aluminum frame, for instance — and discard the rest, including silver, silicon and tin, because it is not yet cost-effective to recycle them.

Here is a good general story from National Geographic:

Right now, solar panel recycling suffers from a chicken-or-egg problem: There aren’t enough places to recycle old solar panels, and there aren’t enough defunct solar panels to make recycling them economically attractive.

As far as your claim solar panels last 50 years that is a lie. You may get something like that out of a high end commercial panel but you do not get that from home systems.

They generally last about 25 years if not damaged but they lose efficiency over time as well and the less quality panels we see dominating the industry today you can only expect about 70% of their power generation after those 25 years and depending on the home and your energy needs you will most likely be looking to replace them before that because you are no longer getting much of a return each month to cover your energy needs.

But you avoided my other point, what about damage? Storms do a lot of damage to panels, especially in certain areas like mine in Florida. Insurance may cover most of the cost but the panels still end up in the land fills.

Today the impact of these dirty panels in the land fills is not alarming today, but in 10 to 25 years we will see a massive explosion of these panels being sent to landfills all over America and nobody is doing anything about it other than talk.

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