Trump’s apparent disrespect of the laws regarding nepotism, the dual roll of his children regarding…
Thomas Erb

Why is it Liberals in general flat refuse to educate themselves on basic facts pertaining issues before shooting off their mouth?

There is no law against family members working with Trump, Hillary Clinton headed many task forces, had formal offices and a huge professional staff working directly with and for and in support of the Administration. Several challenges under the Nepotism laws were brought all to be tossed out as frivolous.

The laws actually say that if a family member is appointed to cabinet positions, they are not entitled to pay. So in theory Trump could appoint his entire family into cabinet positions, there is no criminal or civil penalties under the law outside of the removal of compensation.

Trump is of course not promoting any of his children as cabinet members, so at worse Trump would only be doing the same thing Bill Clinton did as President in using family to head task forces and offer counsel.

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