“Looks like you stepped on your pecker again David”
David Montgomery

Why would I edit anything? You are a prime example of the radical left, I proved you wrong on your claim that Trump broke his promise about getting Mexico to pay for the wall because he also said we would pay for it and Mexico will later reimburse us for it.

I provided you with several examples of Trump clearly stating before the election that Mexico will reimburse us.

So now, instead of admitting you were wrong you want to shift the goalposts and change the subject. This is typical far left behavior.

Thanks again for helping to accurately define what it means to be part of the far left.

By the way, if you actually paid attention you would know that Trump discovered the wall is already authorized, there is already a team of people breaking down design needs for different sections of the wall, and Trump is waiting for them to finish their report so he can step in and make whatever changed he feels is needed and work on the end costs.

Nothing happens overnight, but Trump has done a lot more large actions than any President in the last 20 years in the first 30 days so how about giving the guy a break? Why do you demand he be 10 times better than Obama instead of just 5 times better as he is now?