I believe violence should not have come place…… “Sufficient” incentive should have been offered for…

Surely someone will move.

Will they? Can you guarantee that? they were already offering more than four times the value of the ticket and still nobody wanted the money, at some point the airline has to cut it off and shift to other methods.

As it stands, I just found out this morning on a news outlet that the algorithm the computer selection uses is based mostly on the last people to buy tickets, so the Doctor had only recently purchased his ticket, last in first out as the saying goes.

The only reason this turned to violence is the passenger would not get off as ordered. The plane belongs to the airline, not him, he does not have any right to refuse to get off. When he was told security would be called and take him off he said okay so he knew what was about to happen and wanted it.

When they started to grab him to take him off as he clearly wanted them to do, he was flailing his arms and screaming hitting the police and security, he caused all of this to be violent.

I hold people accountable for what they directly do, while he had no involvement in the mess that caused the over booked flight, he had all the power in the world to make the result one with or without violence, he was in control and made all the decisions at that point.

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