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Wonderful, please keep the constant stream of professional protesting going, there is no other behavior that can drive more people away from the radical left than these never ending streams of protests.

The radical left is always complaining, but you are never complaining about the things average Americans are worried about. This coastal Liberal mindset is driving more and more Americans away from the left.

One number in the Post-ABC poll really stood out to me as something that should worry Democrats pondering the party’s future: Asked whether the Democratic Party is in touch with the concerns of the average person, just 28% of respondents said it is — as opposed to 67% who said Democrats are out of touch. Those numbers are worse than the “in touch/out of touch” numbers for either the Republican Party or Trump in that same poll.
More amazing to me is that only 52% of self-identified Democrats said their party was in touch with peoples’ concerns, while 44% said it was out of touch. (Also of concern for Democrats: Fewer than 1 in 5 independents — 18% — said the Democratic Party was in touch with the average person.)
Those numbers — particularly among Democrats — are striking.

Keep up the good work, Republicans will stay in power as long as this keeps up.

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