Mr Weeks,
Michael Pace

Wow dude, you really this obsessed? Who other than a paid agent and troll goes though several months of other posters comments to try and find anything to attack them with? You don’t think someone can be in the military for 4 years, be in law enforcement while finishing their degree as well as start a small business on the weekends at the same time? You don’t know a single person in your life that has done anything similar?

I still have things I am trying to work on in my life, I am taking flying lessons and just started yoga, now there is a challenge to one’s ego right there, lol.

So the entire reply you just made is you behaving butt hurt and ranting about how unfair I was to you and attacking me as a person? I am sorry I hurt your feelings, it was never my intention to hurt you so deeply you clearly can’t get over it but this is the internet and sometimes you meet people that are not going to listen to your BS and lies my friend, you may as well come to grips with that now.

Let’s see, how to settle your fears? Well when I mentioned to you that you have no idea what my medical knowledge was it was because you clearly never considered the idea that maybe I took the time to consult a few experts on the issue before coming to my own determination on the subject? Medical knowledge can come from others you know, but maybe you have been a paid activist for so long that you think we are all an island and can’t learn from each other?

I do not dodge any question, but I also do not jump through hoops or take commands from blow hard paid activists who think they have a right to dominate my time or energy, so I will answer the question my way, not yours by arrogant friend, lol.

There is a concept you may be familiar with called a “lie of omission” but there are many other ways to lie or as the word lie means, be dishonest without specifically saying a lie. Your lies are certainly skillful as only a paid operative could have achieved, not to mention your detailed and exhaustive trolling of my old posts to try and dig up something to attack me with as any professional paid activist would do, you craft your lies with half truths and insert ideas and concepts to draw the reader away from the truth and to the lie you want to tell.

I will offer an example, when I point out that Hillary lied about her opposition to the TPP your reply was to start making excuses for Hillary’s actions, to give her “plausible deniability” and only after you came up with the alternative reality excuse, only then did you say that maybe Hillary was just looking for votes. You always frame your replies with alternatives and excuses for Hillary Clinton.

Such as, you just implied Hillary Clinton had no knowledge of how bad the TPP was because it was not finished until she left office, but as I point out, most of the big details were written out while she was SoS and just those parts alone are enough for any real Liberal to oppose it, hell even I am against it and I am no Liberal.

We saw several pieces get leaked to the medias and then wikileaks posted a draft copy of the TPP around 2013 as I recall after Hillary left and all of the truly nasty things even I am opposed to was already part of the deal so clearly Hillary knew all about those details at that time so keep making up your excuses, refine your story so you can use it with your other accounts, but stop wasting your energy on me, I am no gullible lefty that will fall for it, lol.

You have a great day :)

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