Why don’t you think I’m a normal American?
Melissa Neumann

Wow, talk about either missing, or pretending to miss the point.

Why don’t you think I’m a normal American?

As I clearly explained already, “MOST” Americans do not fall into either end of the political spectrum, hard left and hard right only account for about 25% of the electorate, that means 75% of the electorate are somewhere in the middle, those are the “normal Americans”.

You have a hard left ideology, I am Conservative/libertarian I am not considered hard right, but I agree with a lot of the hard right agenda.

Did I say everyone had to agree? So why do you insert those words into my mouth to then attack me on? The same goes for most of your rant where you make up evil beliefs for me to then attack me for what you made up. This is pretty much typical hard left debating tactics right there where you generate this evil image of the opposition to justify your own anger and hate.

Yes, opposition and challenging beliefs is what I would consider to be as American as it can be but Liberals turn to name calling and imaging evil in the other side and that is something average Americans are sick and tired of. Like calling Trump Hitler last yer, I already mentioned this and you dodged that point. Normal Americans are sick and tired of the name calling and only Liberals do this, you have actually driven normal Americans away with your vile and frothing at the mouth hostility.

But being disrespectful, judging people based on their identity, or the way you perceive them, that doesn’t seem helpful in moving the discourse forward.

Then why are you doing it? You are so stuck in the emotions you are doing exactly the thing you accuse others of doing. When you call Trump a racist is that being respectful? Telling lies about Trump is respectful to you?

When Trump said those Mexico pushes in to America illegally were bad guys like rapists and drug dealers but also some were “good people” you guys on the left instantly lied and claimed Trump said “ALL” Mexicans were rapists and you also lied by omission by editing out where he said they were “good people”, that part of the quote got zero coverage by Liberals.

By misrepresenting what Trump said by both changing the context and editing out parts that did not match your agenda you pissed a lot of “normal Americans” off.

You have shown yourself to be unreasonable, hostile, willing to lie and distort to push your political agenda, and simply disrespectful of any person who does not agree with your politics.

If you want to have a discussion on the issues I am right here, why do you think I am here exposing myself to different ideas and not sitting in an “echo chamber”. If you have something better to offer than “TRUMP IS HITLER” then by all means, let’s hear it, but all this made up garbage about conflict of interest is childish, the President and members of Congress are exempt from conflict of interest laws and doing normal business, participating in the normal commerce they have always participated in is not a conflict of the Constitution.

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