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Wow, what a pile of poo.

Of course those with more money get better treatment, they also eat better foods and have personal trainers and such that all contribute to their better health results while poor people eat more things horrible for them and are less likely to exercise and take care of themselves outside of medical treatment. It all contributes to the end results.

Poor people are more likely to abuse drugs, those drugs damage their body and reduce their life expectancy as well as exacerbate existing medical problems.

Single payer? Canada tried that, they saw even more rationing and long waiting times because as it turns out, Governments do not have endless amounts of money either. It has gotten so bad in Canada they started allowing private insurance again and they have a massive gap between those who can afford good insurance and those stuck on the single payer system.

All the good doctors, nurses, specialists fled the single payer system and flocked to the profit driven system because even medical professionals want to get paid for their abilities.

Today Canada’s single payer system is worse than what this doctor describes for Chicago, expensive diagnostic testing for non-emergency cases can take more than a year. Things like knee replacements can take over two years from start to finish. It has become so bad they ended their annual meeting to discuss long queue times because it was not doing any good, it was called the taming of the queue but after many years of holding the conference they had to accept the fact that nothing was ever going to change.

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