I must assume you are a conservative.
Eric Hartman

Yes I am a Conservative.

Yes I would “like” smaller Government with clear and defined roles for each stage, Federal deals with international issues and States deal with local issues, this is the basic foundation of most Conservative minded people. The radical left has brainwashed you into believing Conservatives do not want “any” Government, this is a lie.

I do not want to give anyone anything, there is nothing in any word I wrote that implies me asking for more power to be handed to anyone so I have no clue what you are ranting about.

Is everybody that does not agree with your politics “far left”?

No, but the vast majority of those wallowing in a far left propaganda outlet like ThinkProgress is far left to be sure, and my comment was of course in context

You also dodged all the valid point I made to you including Donald Sterling who was forced to sell off his NBA team after the radical left pressured the NBA over a recording that was released of him saying bad things. A recording by the way illegal in the State of California. But right or wrong played no part in what the radical left did, they wanted their blood and nothing short of him being “fired” was acceptable.

So don’t try to preach to me about the abuse of power, you still have not explained what exact abuse of power you think was imposed? She quit, after her true behaviors in connection to those radical left groups and Super PAC was revealed, again I believe she was most likely in violation of many ethics laws and allowing her to resign was most likely a kindness.

Super PACs are a part of the system now and yes both sides have them and most of them seem to be pretty well operated but a few leave a lot of grey area as to where their funding comes from and the kinds of operations they fund.

I consider this situation with a well respected bank that has one of their vice Presidents in control of one of those with the grey area concerns to be the real issue, not who “outed her”.

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