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Yes, this is a he said/she said case and as such is difficult to “prove” Cosby did something illegal. Remember we have a basic principle of the presumption of innocence in America. We have to “prove” a person did something wrong.

In this case there is a complete absence of evidence of any kind.

So the Jury is asked to convict a man, and send him to prison to die, based only on the word of a woman who has given many different accounts of the attack and other events as well as offering very hard to believe claims.

For me I was especially concerned with the idea that a highly educated and worldly woman would just swallow unidentified pills handed to her by someone she was not even intimate or close with. I have conducted my own unscientific poll from every Woman I know well enough to ask serious questions of and so far I have a perfect 100% “NO” when I asked them if they would swallow unidentified pills from any man. For me, if I was on that jury that would be one issue I would need to be given a better answer to to convict Cosby.

Lots of people experiment with drugs and sex, that does not mean anyone was raped.

Cosby may be guilty, but if there is no actual evidence to prove it, and no rational way to explain some of the biggest holes in her account, then it will be extremely difficult to convict him.

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