You are a terrible reader.
Serah Eley

You are a terrible reader. I never said a word about anyone being required to “show birth certificates.”

Yes you did, and you were very condescending when you did that. Go back and read your own comments, you directly quoted me when I said nobody was asked to show their birth certificate to use the bathrooms and you responded “ Why bless your heart! How lucky you must be, to have no knowledge at all of HB2 in North Carolina. Made it illegal for trans people to use any restroom except what their birth certificate says?”

So I asked you to provide me an example of someone being forced to show a birth certificate when going to the public bathroom and you ran away from the point.

My point is while Government may “TRY” to impose some kind o-f restriction visually, there is no possible way to actually do it. there are no “penis detectors” to install on women’s bathroom doors, trans people have never had any issue with using the bathroom of their choice with the Government and never will, azzhole individuals sure, I have never said there were not horrible people out there fiving trans and other people very difficult times, I know two women I went to college with who were raped in a women’s area, one a regular bathroom and the other a shower area so believe me I understand that we all face danger all the time, but that is not the point being made. You dodged the point then attempted to lie your way out of it.

Again: read my answer. 9% of over 27,000 survey respondents directly stated that they’d been stopped from using bathrooms in the prior year alone.

Polls? And who was stopping them? The Government? You are trying to change the subject, my point was the Government can’t stop you from using any bathroom you want to use, and you try to insert unverified polls? What form did the alleged stoppage take? Did someone look at them funny so they walked away? Did a woman feel uncomfortable with their appearance and block the door? You offer no specifics, again all you offer is emotional responses, no facts.

Those who weren’t “stopped?” Were often verbally abused, physically beaten, or raped. I gave multiple links to news stories to counter your “not a single person” claim. Which you are blowing off as “bad things happen” and trans people whining, while dropping total non sequiturs about other bad things. And to put the cherry on the ice cream, you randomly accuse me of “bad wiring” as if you know anything at all about me, or trans people, or people in general.

Even if true, still individuals, not Government. We all face bad actions from evil people, you again are trying to make it seem like only what a trans person endures is bad and everyone else in society has an easy life.

I notice you dodged every direct question I asked of you. Why are your experiences to be seen as worse than someone who has to endure cancer? The child with cancer? The mother of a child killed in a drive by? Every single human being has their “cross” to bear. We all have difficulties. You are not special. What you deal with is not any worse than what others deal with. Yes you have endured hardships, I do not discount that, but your hardships are no worse than mine or anyone else.

Contrary to your claims, I was not personally insulting you before. I was only insulting your words and your arguments. This is a personal insult: You are not a thinking human being. You are not worth the time it takes to type this. I am done with you.

Right, because I stick to facts and you want to wallow in self-pity and emotions “I” am not a thinking human being? Being as “I” and the only one sticking to facts and logic that makes it pretty clear you are the one who has difficulties thinking, lol.

I get it, you are broken with a lot of bad wiring in your head, but that is not “MY” fault. I should not be made to pay for your problems.

Facts, not emotions serah.

PS, I noticed a lot of trans people rename themselves with some kind of fantasy figure names, your own is based on a historical heroine mentioned in the Torah ( an d later stolen by the Final Fantasy game) . I admit my own exposure is pretty small so I was wondering with your much greater exposure to the trans community if this is normal or just something maybe more common on public forums where I frequent?

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