Refusing to Tolerate Intolerance
Julia Serano

You are an excellent example of the new left who is promoting your modern day “book burning”. Some thoughts, ideas, words, and speech are simply too dangerous to allow society to be exposed to so you feel it is your job to censor those things you have identified as simply not allowable in our society today.

Liberals truly believe they have a right to even use violence to block certain kinds of speech they do not agree with.

While you rant and rave against a couple hundred idiots protesting statue removals, you never complain about the millions of liberals who attack Trump events attempting to silence fellow Americans and to deny fellow Americans their right to freedom of assembly and freedom of association.

Millions of Liberals are attacking Conservative speakers, attacking peaceful Conservative events like we just saw a couple days ago, and yes, even the Charlotte event was only violent because Liberals decided it was their responsibility to go out and attack the idiots protesting the statue removals.

I do find it interesting that the protesters had to fight tooth and nail to get a permit to- protest even having to go to court but the same City officials allowed the counter protesters, Liberals dressed in masks and openly confronting the protesters all without them getting permits.

And the cops were all held back and allowed the confrontation to take place under direction of the Democrats in charge.

So keep up your “book busining” you are driving normal Americans into the arms of people like Trump.

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