Re: Mexico.
Arthur Vincie

Re: Mexico. Actually I would hold Mexico to the same standard. And why are we supposed to compare our country’s policies to that of a corrupt, still developing country.

You are dodging, answer the question, why it is okay for all other nations like Mexico to have immigration laws but America can’t? Mexico was just an example, it is their citizens we are dealing with so we need to at least be allowed to send them home where they belong as Mexico does with their illegal aliens.

But all other major Nations enforce immigration laws from one extent to another, America’s laws are actually pretty mild compared to some. Try looking into how Australia treats illegal aliens. Australia is considered a Liberal Utopia but even they have extremely strict immigration laws.

Re: NAFTA. The north of Mexico benefitted from job transfer, but the south did not. Also, US government corn subsidies allowed American agribusiness to outcompete Mexican corn farmers, so many farmers found themselves out of work.

Now you are nitpicking, cherry picking one thing while ignoring twn other things. Agriculture in general saw a large increase from Mexico, you are being dishonest.

Re: theft. Theft of what, exactly? If you were born here, does that mean that you were given something of great value based on some kind of merit? No, where you were born is an accident. Even people who believe in reincarnation don’t, by and large, say that our soul gets to pick our nationality.

Stealing a new life, breaking the law to gain advantage you are not entitled to. If I break into your home and steal all your stuff, you will just say okay and let me get away with it and not call the cops?

These people are stealing and the only reason you are okay with it is because you are not the one paying for it.

All prosperous Nations have Nationality laws, again, look around a little bit and see what is normal, you are advocating it being okay to steal.

so yes, I’d say that we as a country have left enough of a trail of destruction (that often reverberates for generations) that we should take in people who are descended from those we have beaten up. As should all countries.

America has done more good than bad, of course you will never admit America donates more free food to needy people than the next ten Nations combined. Dishonest people like you only point to the few mistakes and ignore the much larger number of successes.

And those are not the people we are having the biggest issue with, Mexico has benefitted ten times as much from America than has been hurt so why do we own them an open border and free citizenship?

These and other studies (well-researched and sourced) paint a more complex financial amd economic picture.

No they are not. All of them from extremely biased sources. We can;t even say how many illegals live in America, the former Mexican ambassador puts the number closer to 30 million people.

The claim of paying taxes is pure lie, they take more tax money from welfare and foodstamps than they can ever pay into the system. Sure some use illegal SSN’s and such to work but they always set their exemptions as high as possible to pay zero taxes and anyone else would be paying because they would have to file taxes at the end of the year where they balance it out like any other worker but illegals do not do that.

But that is a small percentage of illegals, most work under the table avoiding all taxes and they send a lot of that money to Mexico helping to stimulate the Mexican society and hurt the American society.

Finally, your point about history. America was built largely on the backs of enslaved Africans, indentured servants, unpaid women and barely-paid white labor… from land that was stolen from Native Americans. So really, why does America get to suddenly say who “deserves” legally to be here.

Well not true, most of America was built on adventurous people taking a chance at a new life like those flooding the West with a wagon and a prayer. Sure some small centers and cities used a lot of slave labor but they account for less than 5% of the total of America.

Yes we took land from Indians, and most Indians took it from each other before us. All Nations have borders based on wars, America is no better or worse than any other Country in that regard.

So again, if you want the ancient past then you have to taker it all, do we bring back slavery? Women cant vote? Eliminate medical advancements and all the rest? You can’t have it both ways. Open immigration in that deep past was based on our need to build and grow America, today we do not have that need.

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