Not to be “naive” [sic], but there’s a world of difference between your boss saying “I hope this…
Michael Long

Not to be “naive” [sic], but there’s a world of difference between your boss saying “I hope this turns out okay.” Or, “I hope he didn’t do anything wrong.”, and instead saying, “He’s a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

You are dodging the point. If Trump intended to give an order he would have given an order, he is not well known for his gentle tactics, and for Comey to- claim he was scared of Trump and intimidated is simply unbelievable. You do not get where /Comey was in live by being timid.

Which directly translates to: “He’s a good guy and regardless of whether or not there’s anything there, I’d really, really, really like you to stop investing him.”

So you get to- completely translate his words into what you “want” him to have said? Sorry but you do not get to- magically transform his words into something completely different. You are still dodging the fact that if Trump wanted to give an order he would have given an order, Trump would never beat around the bush, it is not in his nature.

The President can’t directly order the head of the FBI to stop an investigation. Nor is he (despite most outward appearances) stupid enough to try.
He can, however, make his wishes known and “hope you can let just it go.”

You are wrong, he is the top executive of the Executive branch, he can indeed establish prosecutorial and investigative priorities. This was the basis of Obama and his executive amnesty order, he stated that under the executive he can decide who to go after and who to five a free pass to.

The FBI is not a 4th branch of Government, he is subject to the commands of the executive.

Nor was he asking for “leniency”. He didn’t say, “I hope you can go easy on him.” He was asking the head of the FBI to “let it go”. Let. It. Go.

What? Are you stupid? I have been trying to give you the benefit of the doubt but you keep saying such stupid things. Letting someone “go” is leniency. Anything short of the full extent of the law is showing leniency. Local prosecutors do it all the time.

As I already pointed out, Bill Clinton was guilty of Felony perjury, and he was not prosecuted. Far, far worse than what Flynn did, so we let Bill Clinton “go”.

One can only imagine the firestorm of protest we’d have had Putin decided he didn’t want an unstable blowhard as President and had “leaked” enough information about Trump to sway the election the other way.

What? you really are uninformed or a liar, there was a long list of leaks against Trump including his tax returns, you really this uninformed? I do not want to believe you are a liar but you are making it difficult to take you seriously.

And by the way, everything leaked that made Hillary and DNC look bad was the truth, how sad is it you do not care what the truth is you are only upset because the truth was revealed.

Instead, Russia worked to ensure that we now have a leader that’s easily baited, manipulated, and largely ineffectual.
Just like they wanted.

Brennan said in his hearing that Russia does not care about political party, their goal is to instigate internal fighting and the democrats are doing exactly what the Russians want.

Russians want to inject a feeling of distrust in the elections and Democrats are the ones saying Russia “stole” the election, giving them credit for Trump’s win, Democrats are the ones playing into the Russians game, not Republicans.

As far as Trump being a leader is concerned, so far he has been doing a pretty great job. European Nations are suddenly starting to pay the NATO funds they never paid under 8 years of Obama’s leadership. Trump is getting support from Muslims to help fight against the radicals, and Trump has picked a terrific supreme court Justice and is pushing for needed tax reforms and Obamacare problems. Trump has set up committees to work out trade deal issues and cutting waste from Washington.

Who cares what the media thinks? Trump could cure cancer and the liberal media would still call him Hitler because he did not cure it fast enough.

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