You are making a false equivalence here.
Arthur Vincie

You are making a false equivalence here.

You are falsely claiming this to dodge the points.

Firstly, as I said, many of the countries that people are leaving from have been directly affected by American policies, so yes, in fact, this country has created the problem and should bear some responsibility for it. Here is an article that lays this out in more detail:

There are lots of ways to distort information to try and make America into the bad guy but it is all based on dishonesty. Telling me to check out a blog is not proving anything because that blogger has a political agenda to push and is intentionally leaving out a lot of things America does to help countries too. For example, NAFTA has pushed many thousands of jobs from America into Mexico, those Mexicans have jobs they would never have had without America.

I do agree that America does a lot but you dodge the fact that each Country is responsible for their own people, America is not responsible for the decisions made by their own leaders.

Americans fought and died to build the America we have today. Mexicans need to do the same thing, fight for what you need.

Secondly, legal does not equal just.

Does not mean it is not just either, you have not shown why only America is not allowed to enforce National borders and why only America must be responsible for all the world’s people.

Thirdly, robbing a bank does not equal coming into this country without documents.

It is exactly the same, they stole something of great value. If an American life is not of great value, why do they come here illegally to steal it? Some may steal a SSN and use it to work illegally but that is more crime. They certainly do not pay into the system as much as they take away.

Lastly, for the vast majority of human history, immigration was considered a basic part of life.

So was slavery and people dying of basic infections, at some point you guys need to come into the modern era.

You moved where you had to. Money, goods, ideas, and capital are allowed to flow across borders, but somehow the people that make these flows possible are not? Exactly who set up these borders to begin with? Was it people like us, or was it kings and rich people? How much say did the Native Americans have in this process?

Americans set up our Government and sure America like every Nation in the world has borders established by some form or war. We can’t wallow in the past, at some point we have to accept the world we have and move ahead.

Look, even Mexico has extremely strict immigration laws and patrols their own Southern border and treats illegal aliens very strictly and harshly so if even Mexico can defend their borders, and can deal with illegals strictly, why is it America can’t? Especially when it is Mexican Nations that account for most of our illegal aliens. Explain this point to me? Detail why it is okay for Mexico to have extremely strict immigration laws but we can’t hold illegals from Mexico to this same standard?

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