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You are one incredibly angry and hate filled person you know that? Why do you feel you need to, or have the right to spew such filth and profanity and accusations of evil on others you do not even know? You do not even have the integrity to use your real name and hide behind a fake account, talk about cowardice.

Even with all the work the radical left put into painting Trump a racist, he still did better with minorities than McCain and Romney, lol, funny stuff. It seems all minorities are not brainless followers, some can actually think for themselves and choose their financial and safety needs over any perceived political loyalty they owe to Democrats, lol.

So you are a minority then? You are filled with rage and hate and this is how you exercise that hate and rage? Why not go out into your community and work to make it better? Stop hiding behind this fake account and go out there and make a real difference in the world.

All this rage you are engaged in is not healthy, in fact it most likely points to some serious mental health issues you are suffering from and you need some professional help before you end up on a baseball field hunting Republicans. And no, I am not trying to be funny or snarky or insulting, I am really concerned that you are demonstrating some big warning signs of distress and hiding behind this fake profile means your friends and family and other people who may care about you and can help you have no idea what you're doing and so can’t get you the help you desperately need.


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