Hey, playing nasty seemed to work out pretty well for y’all.
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Hey, playing nasty seemed to work out pretty well for y’all. I reckon it’s time for the left to give that a try.

You are the originators of playing nasty, that is why you all turn to name calling, screaming things like “Racist” every chance you get, and the tactic worked for most of the last 20+ years or so, but it is like the little boy who cried wolf, sooner or later the people become numb to it and then when you scream “racist” they see you as playing nasty games, finally it has all caught up to you guys and you are paying the price for all those years of being nasty.

Hillary agreed that comprehensive immigration reform needs to happen.

Hillary changed to open borders and zero immigration enforcement when she thought it was politically expedient, same with same sex marriage, Hillary was against it for over 20+ years then suddenly changed her stand based on political expediency.

Too bad the last such bills proposed by Republicans got shut down by other Republicans for not being harsh enough.

That bill would have allowed Obama to just declare the border secured based declining crossing (true or just made to look that way on paper) and went directly to amnesty. I did not support that b ill either, it was a poison pill and would not have solved anything. We would have been right back to the same issues in a few years just like the last amnesty.

The border must be secured first as the only action, then and only then can we consider how best to deal with those already here. Most Conservatives are not against a path to legal status (not full citizenship) as long as we secure the border first to make sure we are not having the same debate in 10 years from now.

And I sure don’t expect Trump to propose anything more humane than Operation Wetback.

And there goes the true Liberal showing through again, you just have to make up sick evil fantasies built from your hate, that is why normal Americans are running away from you.

and this fool almost certainly got chewed out by other libs after that appearance.

That was one example, if you watch the mainstream news they bring those ideas up all the time, they for example mention how Georgia had an issue with unharvested crops when illegals were not wanted and they say that is proof that we “NEED” illegals to work for us doing these jobs other Americans do not want. You really do not pay attention to the stands of the Democrat party do you if you missed this one?

You bring up remittances again. You know who else invests vast quantities of American into foreign investments and tax shelters? The ultra-rich who Trump has promised to slash taxes for. I’ll leave it as an exercise to my readers to figure out which group sends more money abroad.

It is an element of the bigger picture, I also want us to pass better laws to help keep jobs and money in America in business too, and much of what Trump has proposed to include a new higher tax rate for those who ship jobs outside of America would be a great start, we will have to wait and see but you dodged the point by tossing in counter accusations, why can’t you just address the point?

A final thought for you to chew on: If you want to see fewer illegal immigrants, then why not streamline the immigration process so more of them can come legally?

We need to set a number first, what amount of immigration America can accept. The problem with illegals is we do not know how many come and go so it makes it more difficult to be more accepting in the legal immigration system when we have such a massive illegal immigration problem. When we fix the illegal immigration problem we can then more easily deal with speeding up the legal immigration process, the only reason it takes so long is we are expending massive amounts of resources dealing with illegals.

Why not provide amnesty for these economic refugees?

Because it was Mexico who created these economic refugees and sent them to America, even Hillary admitted that much a few years back. Why is America responsible for taking care of Mexico’s poor? Just answer that point, why do other Nations get a free pass with Liberals and you believe America must step in and care for those people their country refuses to care for?

At least then they can tracked like any other citizen or legal alien. And then employers can’t dangle the INS over their heads as a threat to stop them from organizing for fairer wages, bringing overall wages back up to a point where native workers will compete again. Win-win, as you say.

So America should let ourselves be the victim of “brood parasites”? In the animal Kingdom there are birds who lay their eggs into the nests of other birds and those other birds unknowingly raise the infiltrator as their own, the infiltrating bird will usually push the native birds out of the next so they get all the attention of the adoptive parents.

Again, why can’t the parent Nation care for their own? Why does America have to care for their “unwanted offspring”? We have Americans out of work in America, let those same jobs elevate their pay so Americans will want to work them and we get those Americans off Government assistance and get tax revinue off them, that is a win/win.

You proposal leaves tens of millions of Americans on welfare while giving illegals amnesty, that is a lose/lose for America, but it would be a win/win for Mexico who now can send every unwanted they have directly to America and never have to provide any form of social welfare program.

Let Mexico take care of Mexico, and let america take care of America, what is so difficult to understand about that? Why do you far lefties believe it is America;s job to care for everyone in the world?

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