Your facts seem to be off.
Kendra Parris

You blocked responses to your reply to me so I came back to this comment to reply, what are you so scared of that you decided you had to block any reply made to your comment?

You are right, Colleges are not treating rape as a crime, and that is the problem because rape is a crime and attempting to treat it as a minor Administrative issue is the actual problem.

The rape allegation is a life ending situation for these men, as the story I posted and you dodged pointed out, that man had a great job lined up and his future all planned out and the University destroyed his life based on no evidence at all, in fact they suppressed several pieces of evidence and even denied to allow the last person to talk to her that evening in question to testify because he was going to say she was not severely impaired that evening and was in a good mood.

You seem to be saying it is okay to erase all due process as long as the penalties are not jail, even civil courts are required to allow due process and in these cases the men are “paying” to attend the college, they have a contractual right to attend and the colleges kicking them out and refusing to issue them their degrees based on unfounded allegations is simply wrong.

Well, not really, you seem to be saying it is only okay to do this to men.

Why do you see men as undeserving of due process? This is supposed to be America, a place where the assumption of innocents is supposed to be a given, but for people like you, you want men to be stripped of that assumption of innocence.

I will close by again pointing out that these are serious crimes, and these crimes should not be handled by Administrators of Colleges, they are not trained or qualified to conduct these kinds of investigations. We need to treat rape seriously, and hold all sides accountable to the serious nature of the allegations.

P.S. Let’s keep in mind one important detail, both the man and the woman had sex with an intoxicated person, why is the only criminal the man? Women are always innocent little angels and men always evil monsters?

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