PROOF: Trump Tower Moscow Had Land And Plans — His Lawyer Lied To Hide It
Grant Stern

You can have a tentative site picked out without actually having a final agreement or purchase. Did Trump buy the land? Can we see an actual contract? A purchase agreement with Trump’s signature?


Then this is just another nothing burger, lots of rumors and unfounded claims and lies but no actual facts.

I am not saying Trump is innocent, but you and others have not offered a single piece of actual evidence proving anything wrong happened. Where is the hard evidence?

When asked this by KP, “Tell us and now do you have no contacts with Trump?” Agalarov replied, “Principally we have contacts.”

This is 100% typical of every accusation made against Trump so far. Some guy claims there was a contract “Principally”. First of all you either have a contract or you do not, it seems pretty clear there never was any contract and the person is discussion verbal tentative discussions, not actual signed agreements.

These writers do not care about truth or facts, they desperately look for anyone who will say something negative, or look negative, about trump to give them an excuse to attack Trump but what they do not understand is this is actually hurting the left, not helping it.

Sure, these frothing at the mouth attacks feed your base, but your base could not get Hillary elected. Your base and spending massive amounts of money, twice as much as Trump, could not get your candidate elected. Your base tried to buy 4 special elections, spending massive amounts of outside money way more than the Republicans and still you could not win an election.

You need more than just the radical left to win elections and these kinds of unfounded attacks are driving normal Americans away from you. This is like the little boy who cried wolf, the left keeps spamming thousands of hate filled and unsupported attacks out against Trump every week and the flood of unfounded accusations is causing normal Americans to see these lies for what they are.

The truly sad part is if you actually do find some actual evidence against Trump, it is doubtful any Americans will care. You have numbed Americans with so many fake accusations that they will most likely just ignore it.

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