Bullsiit. They provide a service: Baking a cake.

Bullsiit. They provide a service: Baking a cake. Period. In most cases, the baker is not AT the wedding. At most, they show up a few hours before, deliver the cake to a specific table, and LEAVE. They’re not “involved” in the wedding and more than the maid that cleans up afterward is.

You clearly have no clue what is involved in the cake design, more then one meeting is required to even decide on the flavor/s of the cake as well ad frosting options, then there is the color matching that usually changes at least twice, then the overall design and any special artistic inclusions the wedding party requires, several hours can be spent in intimate details with the Cake artist before the project can be done.

Use your brain, if all they wanted was a basic cake they can get that at Wal-Mart, they are commissioning a work of art, not a basic cake.

Photographers are also not “involved” in the wedding. They’re taking the same shots every photographer takes at every wedding. Shots of the couple at the altar. Pictures of them exchanging rings. Pictures of the flower children spreading flowers. Pictures of friends dancing and eating and talking at tables afterward. They’re not reciting vows, or taking an active role in the wedding. They’re not “approving” of it, or “sponsoring” it in any way. They’re standing several yards away, taking pictures of specific scenes common to almost every wedding. In a few years robots will be able to do this job, it’s such a formulaic thing.

So as usual you are being disingenuous. Consider the same exact task at a KKK rally, you are just taking pictures right?

Of course anyone attending the event is also immersed in the event and all that is happening, trying to pretend it is not proves how dishonest you are.

The fact that they’re denying making said cake/pictures is a basic denial of service. Tell me, if this bakery was to refuse service because it was a Jewish ceremony, or a Wiccan ceremony, or a Muslim ceremony, would that be valid? What if they refused service because the couple was of mixed race, and they believe God speaks against that in the Bible? All still valid, since it’s against their religious beliefs, right? Why is is bigoted to be against all of the above, but not against another group?

They are denying their immersion into the event, they do not want to- be intimately involved in an event they find as sinful but being as you can;t seem to get past your hate of all things religious let me offer you a different perspective to try and explain to you the kind of impact this is imposing on them.

Let’s say the baker is Jewish and a group of neo-nazies want to have a celebration of the Holocaust. The baker is asked to produce a cake that looks like a gas chamber and they have to deliver the cake to a building mocked up to look like a fac chamber, do you believe under those circumstances the baker should have the right to say “NO”?

If someone finds doing what the law requires of them as a business owner to be “like celebrating murder”, then they should get out of that business.

Why? So you believe all human beings should be forced to- share the exact same beliefs by the Government? You radicals get crazier and crazier every day, lol.

My tax dollars go to support these businesses.

No they do not, small business do not get any Government subsidies, maybe you should educate yourself before saying such silly things?

They have personal liability protection, so the shop going bankrupt doesn’t mean THEM going personally bankrupt (ala Trump). They have lower taxation than an individual, and get tax-free purchases on products they intend to markup and sell. They get thousands of protections that a home hobbyist doesn’t. Who pays for those protections? The tax payers. Yet they should be free to take my tax dollars, but then not provide a service they provide to everyone else, simply because they believe God disagrees with something I do? No. That’s not how the law works.

Well clearly you do not have the first clue how any business works, you have said a lot of incorrect things there. First of all, most of these small bakeries are not Incorporated and they files all their earnings under their personal taxes. They get no Government subsidies of any kind unless they are a minority owned and few in these specific cases are minority owned and then they would only possibly qualify, not that they would get any.

Gew can afford liability insurance and most have a clause that does not cover them for a criminal act, being as they are being persecuted by Government for a criminal violation, the insurance will not pay. So all lawsuits and fines must be paid personally, and that will destroy them completely.

So they are not taking your tax dollars (not that you pay any, lol) and so they have no obligation to be your slave.

You want to be a bigot and sell cakes to just WASPs, do it on your own dime. Do it as a hobby, and you get a legal pass on this, because you aren’t legally a business and don’t have to follow the same laws. But they also don’t get the protections either, so the first time someone chokes on over-hard frosting and sues, they sue the person, not the business.

You are the one being intolerant, you may want to go look up the definition of the word Bigot because you are the very definition of intolerance.

And again you demonstrate your completely clueless on the small business world if you believe they become immune to financial liability with insurance, especially as I pointed out, Insurance doesn't cover criminal acts. Less than 5% of all small business are Incorporated, most file under personal taxes, not as a LLC.

Education is your friend.

Facts not emotions Woody.

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