You said the number of uninsured young people was about the same as before the ACA took effect.

You do understand that the very nature of “about the same” is subjective? You seem almost desperate to try and prove my statement wrong but you fail in the point that the context of my statement was to show there were not enough young/healthy people in the insurance pools to cover the cost of sickly people, that was the point, a point you are completely dodging.

By the way, did you ever stop to consider that Obama’s insistence to let adult children stay on their parent’s policies could have had both taken those adults off the uninsured list and also made it so they did not have to buy new policies? When I first read the entire ACA, (something Democrats who voted for it never did) I pointed this out to all my friends, that this one part of Obamacare will help kill the exchanges, and I believe time has shown I was correct.

I happen to be one of those people forced off my existing family policy and I had to change doctors but if you know women they build an especially close relationship with their lady doctor so we are paying extra out of pocket to keep that doctor. My rate went up over $1,000 a year and my deductible doubled to keep about the same policy benefits I had before.

Ryan could not comment on specifics on a Bill not written yet, still you dodge the point of this discussion that early promises on specifics were wrong even for Obama so why should Ryan or anyone else fall into that mess? We could certainly keep “some” provisions of birth control but not all of them but no matter what Ryan said you guys would later attack him as a liar if it did not match exactly what he said in this interview, that is the trap and one all policy makers should refuse to set themselves up for.

My personal view on the subject is similar to the Hobby Lobby case where they were gladly willing to pay for a huge number of the most popular birth control methods but did not want to pay for 4 of the 20 on the Government’s mandatory list. But 16 was not enough for the radical left, so they tried to paint Hobby Lobby as evil and monsters who wanted to force women to carry unwanted children etc……

By the way, why should Republicans try to fix something they did not even vote for or have any input on? Yes I know the lies Democrats have tried to give saying Republicans had input but let’s remember all the early meetings on Obamacare were closed door and not 1 Republican was allowed to attend. All the meetings with drug companies and Insurance companies also behind closed door. All Democrats did was add a couple of the least impacting ideas Republicans offered in the last couple months to the Bill to try and claim it was bi-partisan. It was not bi-partisan when 99.9 % of it was written without any involvement from Republicans.

Obamacare was never a good idea, it certainly had some good pieces to it like not allowing insurance companies to drop people, but all of those things could have been accomplished without the monster that the ACA is.

At the time I remember being part of a forum discussion about what would have been better and one thing we talked about was a Government backed Insurance pool that was only available for those who had been denied coverage or kick off existing coverage for costing too much. Yes this would be subsidized and a sliding scale used to determine what people pay according to their income and assets. But this was just one idea. My personal feelings is we should have private insurance for basic care and Government backed Insurance for major care like cancer. that would be my personal choice for a perfect system.

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