Generalizations on matters like this are almost always serious over simplifications, but since you…
Gus DiZerega

You dodged her point, as usual, you never directly address any valid point that proves you wrong.

Liberals idea of charity is the Government takes care of the needy, tax the people and take care of them but don’t as you to do any help with your own hands, that is simply too much to ask.

Conservatives tend to be against Government charity but they also do a lot of charity work with their own two hands. My own personal history is varied working to help people with job interview practice, help preparing resumes, interview clothing, etc at my local Christian service center as well as delivering hot meals to the home bound. Our church is involved in operating a women’s battered shelter (parishioners built) I also volunteer for to do needed maintenance and many other things to include two orphanages in impoverished countries.

You say yourself, you donate money, you advocate for Government care, but where is your direct work?

By the way, Hillary Clinton was against things like same sex marriage, strictly. She was against it most of her adult life then suddenly changed her public statements. We now know Hillary told a room full of donors that she had a “public” and “private” set of policies where she says one thing for public consumption and another “true” belief. It seems that Hillary and other Democrats do not change what they believe in their hearts, they only say they have changed for the purpose of public perception and getting votes.

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